Connect Antioch

Connect Antioch is a series of four classes, designed to introduce people to our church and its mission and provide them with tools to grow in their faith and in developing their life mission. These are great first step in building relationships with others and getting connected to the church family. These classes are offered periodically throughout the year.

Antioch 101 is a basic introductory course about the ministry and beliefs of Antioch. The class is designed to help us learn more about our church, its history and the foundation of every believer.

Antioch 201 is a course designed to teach the importance of commitment and community. The session will cover the topics of spiritual maturity, discipleship, spending time with God, how to pray, the essential practices of studying God’s word and the importance of tithing and community.

Antioch 301 will help each person discover that they are uniquely made by God. In this class you will discover your personality, gifts and purpose in life and see how God combines them for the best fit to serve him.

Antioch 401 will help you discover your life purpose and will begin to prepare you to give a reason for the hope that is within you.

Connect Antioch